3150 KN PLC semi-auto Single Action horizontal Hydraulic Stamping Press machine working

1.CE Certification                2. Fast delivery;

3. Reliable working             4.Whole life service free.

This press is suitable for pressing operations such as punching, pressing, stamping, bending, flanging and extrusion etc. of plasticity materials. It is also used for straightening, pressure assembling and molding of powder products as well as nonmental materials such as plastics, insulator and abrasive products etc.

This press, with independent motive organization and electric system, adopts the control system of the centralized buttons, and controls technical operations with the PLC to achieve adjustment (inching) and operation (semi-auto).

The working pressure, stroke can be adjusted in the defined range. The machine adopts specialized and computerized design with frame type structure, and keeps good fitness by high temperature backfire. Hydraulic control adopts cartridge inserted valve to improve the reliability of the machine. Besides, this control system is good for enlarging the life time and reducing connected lines and leak. Late-model cylinder potted components ensure reliability and precision.

With cushion below working table, there’re enough operating rod holes on the table cushion. The working modes are stretching, pushing-out and non-pushing-out.