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About Us

Welcome to the exciting world of Altra Automation Technologies. Altra Automation Technologies was established in 2001 with an objective of designing, manufacturing and supplying custom built machinery to all sorts of manufacturing companies. We have been enriched with experience, technology, Designing ability, machinery equipment, customers and customer satisfaction all along these 10 years.

Providing a cost effective, innovative and custom built machinery to the satisfaction of our customers has been our single minded motto all these years.

Today companies like BEL, Comsat, ICOMM and ECIL etc., show patronage for our productivity

Our founder Engineer Mr. S. Ratna raju has been a passionate and innovative mind behind the success of Altra Automation Technologies. He is a Mechanical Engineer and carries a 20 years experience behind him.

His appetite for trying new things has been the constant force behind the growth story of Altra Automation Technologies. Today we have most competent and qualified workforce to meet our customer demands.

We design and manufacture any custom built machine. However our focus has been on Design and manufacture of Gear boxes for antenna manufacturers, Linear actuators, winches, Ducting manufacturing machines for Air conditioning industry and Car servicing stations etc.,

We have a proven record in using Electricity, Pneumatics and Hydraulics as power sources for our machinery.